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How a Partner Development Manager is assigned to a partner by Microsoft?


This is Abed from AQL Technologies. We are a Microsoft gold partner, but no PDM is assigned to us yet. Please advise.

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Thank you so much for your prompt response.


@amohd : If a PDM is assigned does depend on certain factors like revenue (growth), solutions you offer/publish in the marketplace, competencies you have (e.g. also Advanced Specializations play a role) - the decision is made within the regional Partner team and factors may change over time. There is no concrete checklist/steps I can provide to ensure you get a PDM assigned. And unfortunately a PDM is not assigned to every Partner who has reached a Gold level competency.

You can contact the Cloud Enablement Desk (CED) to discuss strategic growth opportunities for your (cloud) business: Cloud Enablement Desk | Microsoft

If you have any question about the Partner Membership, you can contact support via Partner Center.


And if you need technical guidance or presales support, you can contact Technical presales & deployment services team: As Gold Partner you have 50h Advisory and unlimited presales support via this team.


And of course you can ask any specific question here in the community.




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