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Level 2 Contributor

How To Change Name Next to Avatar?

I can't see anywhere in profile or setting to change the name that appears next to my Avatar> Please help?

Level 2 Contributor

Community Manager

Hi Scott,


I changed your username as requested :).




Visitor 1

Hi Andra,

Could you also please change my username to dev17 ?


Hi @SteveLyne! Are you looking to change your MPC username?

If so, just click on your username as it appears in the top right hand corner of the mpc webpage, then click on "my settings". You should be taken to a page where you can type out a new username. 

Let me know if you have any questions!

Level 2 Contributor

When clicking current name next to Avatar and then settings, it does not offer anywhere, I can change the name from Yoko1310 to my name Steve Lyne???


Hi there! I went ahead and changed yor username myself. 

It should now read "SteveLyne".

Visitor 2

Hello, I am having this same issue.  I have clicked all around the settings and profile and see no way to change the name next to my avatar?  Could you please change mine to sschliewe?

Level 2 Contributor

Not applicable

there is a link ready for you to go to change your avatar name 

if not just clik where your profile is and click setting or profile name change.. it will get you there where yourre are trying to get...