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Hardware registration form submit issue

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I am unable to submit my account details on hardware registration page for past 2 days. Tried different browsers and what no. Unfortunately MS phone lines and online chat are too busy to connect.

This is link I am stuck at: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-US/dashboard/Registration/Hardware?step=AccountDetails

Clicking next doesn't do anything, just reloads the same page.

I am setup as global admin with company and has azure ad account.


Is this is not the place to post this issue, can someone point me in direction?


thank you so much!

Community Manager

Hey @xoail ,


thank you for your message!

Currently you can submit online cases with support, although you might experience delays. When you say online is too busy to connect it means you already submitted a case and have a pending item with support? 

If so, then my advice is to wait and not log additional cases.


Regarding your issue, you reached the correct forum.

Have you looked into this documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/dashboard/register-for-the-hardware-program ?

Unfortunately I don't have visibility on the link your provided.


Kind regards,



Level 1 Contributor

Hello @Andra 



Thanks for your reply.


I am unable to submit an online case. It doesn't show this issue in any category. Select any generic categories are forcing me to just review docs. So far I've tried calling the partner phone line or wait on live chat, both leads me to indefinite wait time.


This seems like a broken webpage issue. From the link you sent, I am stuck at 5.1 bullet. When I enter my org and personal contact number and hit next, it simply reloads the page with no error or information.


Thank you.



Community Manager

Hi @xoail ,


Thanks for the clarification

We are indicating different support channels I think.

In the documentation I added in my previous post, you have a support path:




Please follow this link to submit a ticket: 


  • Select Contact us, Dashboard issue, and then Hardware submissions & signing (all OS version) from the dropdown.