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Growing business with Azure Kinect DK

Dear Microsoft representative


My name is Aehyang Park.

I am working at Gachisoft which provides 3D vision solution for logistics industry in Korea.

Our business partners as well as customers are CJ logistics, Korea post, international postal office and local shipping companies having online shopping malls.

One of our products is G-SCAN(Gachi-SCAN) which scans industrial barcode of moving parcels (speed: 6.56ft/s) in order to sort either box or sealed poly bag according to its shipping address. We have developed the high speed scanner using Microsoft Azure Kinect Developer Kit(DK). Azure Kinect DK delivers high-resolution 3D point cloud images to G-SCAN. G-SCAN is able to measure the size of parcels and read the barcode of moving packages on conveyor sorting system.

Unfortunately, Azure Kinect DK is not available to purchase in Korea. I have tried to find the best way to request Microsoft Sales plan. I contacted Korea Microsoft Customers Representatives. They did not know when Microsoft would offer it publicly to Korea. Since the Azure Kinect DK is not available in Korea, we have imported it and paid taxes and fee. We will need to buy Azure Kinect DK, 50ea per month for 6 months. We have been trying to find the best deal of Azure Kinect DK purchase. We are small company with 20 employees but, we would like to grow our business with functionality of Azure Kinect DK in G-SCAN.

3D vision product market has been growing tremendously since COVID-19 has invaded our life. It is because that people spend much more money on shopping at home. Naturally, parcel depots have invested in an automated logistics management system. Finally, we get great opportunity to build integrated solution for inbound and outbound logistics in warehouse management system.

I appreciate your valuable time and consideration to read all of this. If you are not in charge of Azure Kinect DK Sales, please share this with whom may consider.



Aehyang Park