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GPO for outlook archive email

Good Morning Team,

My client is running a on prem Exchange 2016 organization with several servers in a DAG. They are running the latest CU16, and clients are in a Windows 2016 single forest/domain with their workstations using Windows 10 and office 2013/2016.

Here is the request, due to some space disk constraints, we are asked to implement Outlook Auto Archiving feature.
This would allow our users to move their mail to PST.  The option is located in File -> Options -> Advanced -> Auto Archive Settings and it is currently disabled.

Can you please provide me step by step instructions to setup a GPO user to implement this feature? Please, provide as much details as you can


This forum is more for discussing feedback and info about support options, technical advice and help for products is located in other technical communities, like

That said, this is not possible. You can use a GPO to control to control the autoarchive default settings, but you can not use a GPO to determine to which local PST items will be exported to, this would need to be done by the user:

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