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GDPR and these Forums?

Hi, what is the statements of GDPR for these forums? Generic Microsoft Privacy Terms applied?


Account is connected to MSA/AAD, but create separate profile which does not have option to export or delete it and contain name, IP address and other PII. In Support there is no option to ask for profile deletions or privacy concerns.


Maybe a right time to address these like TechCommunities done? They offer these options in menu easily and link to retrospective Privacy Terms.

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Re: GDPR and these Forums?

Hi @WolfKPCS ,


Although this is an older post I will answer for completeness. Smiley Happy

Microsoft Partner Community is fully GDPR compliant and linked to the MSFT AMC Privacy Dashboard.

You can export your data through My Settings > Personal > Personal Information at the bottom of the page, please see below, as well as your data from the AMC dashboard (for what MSFT deems PII).Capture.PNG







Hope this clarifies,