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Freshly installed 2019 Windows server ISSUES. (build version mismatch, *some settings are managed.....)



I am facing some annoying issues on freshly installed Windows Server 2019 Standard.


1 thing is that I downloaded and installed it from official ISO:



it clearly says 1909 ... but still after installation it shows 1809.. ? why?


there are already versions 1903 and 1909 ... but there is no option to update .. and no clear informations on ms sites ? 100 pages of details but NO CLEAR INFORMATION how it works and why.


next thing is that I have this annoying "*some settings are managed by your organization" notification ?

why this shows up ? it is freshly installed system, locally, workgroup, no domain, no organization ?


any hints and explanations very appreciated, thanks.



Level 2 Contributor

Ok I figured out how to get rid of the "*some settings are managed by your organization" notification from updates... regedit -> LocalMachine - Software - Policies - Microsoft - Windows -WindowsUpdate -AU ... and delete AUoptions key.... I still did not figure out why my 1909 build is 1809 .. and why freshly installed windows got issues which has to be repaired by messing with registry ehh...

Community Manager

@PawelMyszor  Good day!


Thanks for your query!

A tip: you might want to add this question on the Tech Community as well where you can find similar conversations: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/windows-server-for-it-pro/bd-p/WindowsServer


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