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Exchange 2010 Moving a mailbox Contenets to a new mailbox Powershell Command

HI Team 

I have  a 1Tb Mailbox which is abc@contoso.com, which has 1Tb of data in it,  i have created another mailbox named xyz@contoso.com i am seeking for a powershell command to move mailbox items to the new xyz@contoso.com mailbox,


i do have a command but this is a copy command i am looking for a move command 

Search-Mailbox -Identity "abc@contoso.com" -TargetMailbox "xyz@contoso.com" -TargetFolder "inbox" -LogLevel Full



Move is copy & delete after copy, the same thing can be done with this cmdlet. See the examples: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/exchange/mailboxes/search-mailbox?view=exchange-ps