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Error - Getting started with the Microsoft Partner Network

Hi all,


I'm having a hard time registering for the Microsoft Partner Network.


My company's trying to become an ISV partner and so I started the registration process here. I entered my work email, received the validation code, filled out my details, and when I hit submit, I'm constantly getting the same error message (for days now). See attached. 


I tried to raise a partner support ticket for not being able to complete the partner registration - but since we're not partners yet, I don't get access to the portal. Vicious circle. I can't find a support email address or any helpful material on this issue.


So I'm trying here now. Any ideas or an email address I could contact?




Level 1 Contributor

Hey Andra, 


Cheers, that helped a lot and I managed to raise ticket. 


I've been on that page a few times and tried to raise a ticket and tried looking for support articles too, but the browse topics link didn't seem to be something that could help so I didn't try it. Maybe try 'Can't find what you're looking for?' as an anchor.


Thanks again for your help.




Community Manager

Hi @annakocsis ,


Thanks for your feedback!

You can try reaching out to support from this link: https://partner.microsoft.com/support

Select this support path: General > Accounts, Onboarding, Access > Unable to Login Into Partner Center

Let us know if this solved your issue,