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Dynamics 365 and Exchange online limits

Hi all

Does anyone have the concrete answer to the issue of the message limits when using Dynamics 365 for marketing to large groups? Does the 10,000 messages per day count when using large marketing lists or is there any integration with the global address lists? Currently the end users tend to use distibution groups in the Global Address List which only count as one message but I understand that in Dynamics 365 when sending to large marketing lists these count as individual messages. You can see how you would quite rapidly you could hit the 10,000 message limit

Many Thanks in Advance

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I am no expert on Dynamics 365 - but I have always found that I can find these answers in the Service Descriptions, here is the one for Dynamics 365:


Alternatively, I would log an MPN support request for pre-sales support - they can get you to the right place and normally respond in 24-48 hours!