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D365 Marketing Contact Count

Hi all,


Does anyone know if the campaign lists from D365 CRM also count in the marketing contact licence?


This is what the licence guide explains:

Dynamics 365 Marketing is priced in relation to how many marketing contacts you have in your database, where a marketing contact is any contact used as part of a marketing activity in Dynamics 365 Marketing. Contacts that you don’t market to using Dynamics 365 Marketing features don’t count towards your marketing-contacts quota. After a key interaction is logged for a contact, it doesn’t matter how many more of the same or follow-up interactions that contact performs, the contact is still counted just once.Dynamics 365 Marketing keeps a detailed record of all the ways in which each contact interacts with your marketing initiatives, but monitors just a few key interaction types when it comes to identifying marketing contacts. The key interaction types are:

  • Contact used in customer journey
  • Marketing email sent
  • Event check-in
  • Event registration
  • Marketing form submitted
  • LinkedIn form submission

I do not read in this list the old marketing campaigns lists.

Also all contacts in the tenant will be counted, how does it work when you have the same contactpersons in sandbox and production environment?

Does anyone know?

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Hi Jet25_QS

When you say "Campaign Lists" - do you mean "Marketing lists" in D365 CRM?

As fare as I know, then Contacts on a old marketing lists in D365 CRM wont count as a Marketing Contact - Not before you used that Contact in some of the mentioned ares in D365 Marketing.


Regarding same Contacts in Sanbox and Production - If used in Marketing activities, yes but they will only be counted just once.

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