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Company exceeded small business 300 license allotment - best option?

i have a customer who started out under 300 users and we were using Business Premium Licenses.  They then went up to 500 users so after maxing out Business Premium, we used a combination of Exchange Online Plan 1 and Business (email plus office software) to mimick the same services at almost the same price.  Now they have maxed out that combination and 300 license limit as they are going above 600 users and need to support about 800 users.


So they currently average around $12.50 per user per month.  To get all 800 users on the same subscription, do we have to go to an Enterprise option which increases the per user cost to $20 +?   The customer does not want to pay $6000 + more per month for what they are currently receiving.  The requirements are exchage online + MS office.


What do you think are the best pricing options with correct licenses for this customer scenario?


Thank you

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Re: Company exceeded small business 300 license allotment - best option?

And they used Advanced Threat Protection for spam filtering accross all mailboxes.  So $2 more per mailbox per month for each user.


Re: Company exceeded small business 300 license allotment - best option?

ExO Plan 1 with O365 ProPlus + ATP AddOn.

M365 Business would also be an option, this includes also ATP (Can be added for 300 more).


My 2cts - I guess the best option would be to look at the overall customer environment and identify other opportunities, where customer might not asked have for yet - but maybe only because he does not know or it was not considered. E.g. talking about Teams for internal collaboration (which requires a O365 suite like Buinsess or E3), addressing the management issue (Business does not support Group Policies for example), talking about security (Conditional Access to Exchange Online - when you would need AAD Plan1, EM+S E3 or go straight for M365 E3 - also OME, AIP or other E5 features), looking at OnPremises servers they still might have which require to obtain CALs (Which are included in e.g. M365 E3), talking about Windows 10 Pro vs. Enterprise (Enterprise is in M365 E3), Managing devices like PCs and Smartphones (where Intune would be suitable and then you can talk about M365 Business and/or E3 again). 


In my experience when you just compare licensing prices you miss an oportunity to talk about how to leverage the value of software solutions. Not saying that this is an easy discussion :-)