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Level 1 Contributor

Can't send my partner information

Try to submit form with my parter info. See error - 


"CorrelationId: db1ee1aa-95cf-4ddf-aaa8-5764881e1a32 - Error saving data. Check the information and try again."


What im doing wrong?

Community Manager

Re: Can't send my partner information

Hello @profitbase ,


Thank you very much for getting in touch with us on Microsoft Partner Community!

Can you share please with me in a private message where you are trying to submit this form ?

Is it Partner Center ?


Thank you,



Community Manager

Re: Can't send my partner information

Thank you, @profitbase.


For confidentiality purposes, I will archive your information.

I have seen a similar post from a partner on this community and I believe the system requires you to fill in this form in English.

Can you please try this alternative ? If you still get an error message then I recommend you to contact support using this link: https://partner.microsoft.com/support



Level 3 Contributor

Re: Can't send my partner information

That link don't work, you may need this one, I hope this information fits your needs.


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Community Manager

Re: Can't send my partner information

Hi @EricDouglas ,


Can you please indicate the broken link in order to be fixed?


Thanks a lot!