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CSP Regions Division being and issue for some specific countries/regions - Slovenian/Croatian Resellers unable to work with the rest of Balkan Region

CSP Region Division has its own logic and its completely reasonable, but sometimes can represent a issue for regular and normal business between some countries. We have a situation where a Partner/Reseller from Slovenia can't work with a Bosnian Customer.

Keep in mind that from a subsidiary prospective Microsoft has Slovenia and Bosnia in the same Subsidiary/Region, the Adriatic Region (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Albania). Additionally, once, not far from now, these countries were part of 1 country - Yugoslavia.
Its normal, in all industries, that companies from these countries collaborate, so the CSP Region Division and restriction make a "normal business", a "impossible business" - there are now ways for a CSP Reseller from Slovenia or Croatia to work with any customer from any other countries form ex-Yu.
Very unfortunate.
We can just hope Microsoft notice the limitations and in future maybe changes and improves the situation.