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Level 1 Contributor

CSP Dual use Right when using from dpl offer ?

can you please tell me, if customers that can purchase the offer marked in the attachment, also get dual use Rights to use the License on premise

Is this stated anywhere, so we can proof this to the Customer?

Level 2 Contributor

Hi Swortel, this offer is valid for all customers that have already on-prem licenses in order to go towards the cloud. Why buy the additional from SA SKUs if the customer prefers to remain on-prem?


Level 1 Contributor

Hi Roch,

because they want to make sure that the Cloud runs smoothly and have a fallback and security of their "old" world. 

Germans are like that 😉 so.. is dual use included or not?


Level 2 Contributor

Dear Swortel,

yes they can. See 



Level 1 Contributor

HI Roch

okay this is good News, but is this also stated in the actual guides somewhere? i am not able to find it in newer versions.

For now i would go with what i have