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Becoming a Partner

Hi All,


My compamny would like to find out more about becoming a MS Partner, the requirement and benifits of doing so and indeed, if we are eligable to do so.

We are NOT a reseller, we are a SaaS provider.

Where is the best place to go to get questions answered?

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I thoroughly agree with Kartik. But, you need to know a set of core benefits that can help to grow your business when you join the Microsoft Partner Network. So, the very first of all you must know about the benefits-of-being-a-Microsoft-partner...

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Hello @Anonymous and @Anonymous - right place and right time to be Microsoft Partner. 

The best place to start is here and 

You dont need to be a reseller to be Microsoft partner, you can have either network free membership, Action Pack membership or one or more of Silver or Gold level Competency which qualifies and align with your business.

More details on competecies here 

Benefits and Requirements : 

Feel free to post any further queries here and many partners here will share their experience or guide you on topic they know.


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anyone who can point out where to head on, please.