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Becoming A Parner Outside the U.S.

Dear Community,


I am an app developer and Windows Dev Center user, based in Athens Greece.


Recently, I created a Microsoft Partner account which has not yet passed verification. I am hoping to link my three developer accounts to the Partner account and be able to work from a single interface, in addition to benefiting from the offerings and advantages of being a partner. All three developer accounts are personal, and not business accounts.


As part of becoming verified, I will be uploading screenshots of my incorporation documents which are all in Greek. Will Microsoft process the documents in their present form, or do I need to have them translated? Another concern I have is that there may not be an exact match between incorporation documents issued in the U.S., and those by the Greek government, causing possible confusion. Is there chat service for support on this issue, or an article where I can get better information?


Thank you in advance!


Community Manager

Hi @HasFocus ,


thank you for reaching out to the Partner Community and congratulations for choosing to become a Microsoft Partner!

Here you can review documentation on this topic.

I am not sure what you mean by incorporation documents, as I am not the expert in this area, however I can recommend you to access the fastest support resource, that is creating a support ticket from your Partner Center dashboard, the support path should match the verification step in which you are currently. 

A support agent will have visibility into your accounts and advise what is the best approach.






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Thank you Andra, I appreciate it!