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Associate Microsoft Learning account - Not letting me use my existing login email

Does anyone know why I can not use my existing Learning email address to associate with my Microsoft Learning to my Partner Center?  I currently have a number of courses I completed using my @prevoyanceconsulting login the Learning portal?


When I click on the Associate My Microsoft Learning link under my Partner Profile, the next item it wants is for me to login to my Microsoft account.  The Microsoft account I have my Learning under is my  The login kicks back that this account is not a Microsoft account.


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From the Partner Center dashboard, select the Your account icon in the right corner of the dashboard, and then select My profile. Under Your learning you will be able to associate your Microsoft Learning account and also connect your Microsoft account to Partner University.

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Hi @TRempe ,


Thanks a lot for reaching out!

I suggest you follow this guidance: to link your IDs.

If you still encounter issues, at the bottom of the page you can find various channels to ask for support.


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