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Anyone else experiencing poor quality Partner Technical Support?

Over the last year or so I have noticed a significant decline in the support being provided to Microsoft Partners.  We are Silver Certified and maintain our subscription so we are entitled to certain levels of technical support.  I understand sometimes we get someone on the other end of the line who isn't skilled enough to be handling our case, but the competence level seems to have significantly declined almost across the board lately.  The unprofessionalism and lack of caring about our customers has been driving us crazy.  We have one ticket open now for example that we've been working with Office 365 support for well over a month.  They claim it has been escalated twice already and is being worked on by developers but unless we send emails requesting a status update we don't hear from them.  It has gotten to the point now where it doesn't appear they are even troubleshooting, but just sending us random articles with powershell scripts for us to run and then wait indefinitely for it to apply.  We have tried to file complaints but the partner support call queue always reroutes us to the India support teams, which is who we are trying to complain about.  When I do formally complain they take my information, agree that it is absurd what we are experience, but then nothing changes.  I have called various departments of the Microsoft Partner resources that I have and everyone recommends calling the same Partner Support number that always transfers me back to India. 

Does anyone know of any way we can get Microsoft to pay attention to partners again, and provide us the support that we are supposedly guaranteed?  I'd love to provide someone details of the poor customer service that is being provided, but the support structure seems to dead-end everywhere except the team I am trying to complain about.


Usually the best option is to contact the account team (Partner Development Manager) if you have one, the TAM (Technical Account Manager) when you have Premier support, the SAM (service Account Manager) when you have an ASfP support contract - and ask them to escalate.

If none of these are available beneath the community resources you obviously used there is no obvious option - I know that Partners did complain directly to local subsidiary leadership team, or contacted them via LinkedIn.


I can try to help also, I do not have the role of account manager, but I can try to take a look at this if you share the ticket IDs. Also describing the technical issue here on in the suitable community might enable to give specific help on the issue.

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I think this is the same for all partners. We're a gold partner and still suffer with the same nonexhistant support. I've had an issue with the partner portal now for nearly 6 months and its not resolved.