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Level 2 Contributor

Add a link to Partner Community to Partner Center Dashboard.

I want a single stop show to access all partner resources. I think Partner Center Dashboard should be the central place where we have links to Event Calendar, Community, other resources. 

Community Manager

That is interesting @cyberkite !

You know, we have this Ideas section where partners can add ideas about improving this platform and then vote.

We usually use it as a feedback channel for improving the Microsoft Partner Community features and user experience.

Would you mind adding this idea there, even though it kind of relates more to Partner Center?


Thank you,


Level 2 Contributor

Someone pointed out that in Home of the Partner Center Dashboard - there is a tiny link

It would be better if it gets a Decicated section called Connect or Network on the left and have it all in big buttons. 

2020-10-08 23_25_04-Partner Center.png

Community Manager

Hi @cyberkite ,


Thanks for this feedback! This is valuable.

You can, in fact from MPC access your PC Dashboard, please see below. 



Viceversa, so that you can see from PC new events etc., I believe this is something the appropriate teams will need to review, scope and add to the roadmap.

Meanwhile, please use the Join and subscribe buttons, to stay up-to-date with community events and community conversations.


Screenshot 2020-10-08 150637.png







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