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Active Directory Rights Management Services Supported Office Client?

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We are Deployed Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services on Windows Server 2016 successfully,


We are trying to connect Active Directory Rights Management Services ADRMS Server 2016 from Office Client but restricted Access option is missing under  protect Document Option

Office Version: Microsoft Office365 Business,

Sign In: Office 365 User


1. Is Office Version: Microsoft Office365 Business supported in ADRMS 2016 ??

2.How can I get protect document using on-prem (RMS) server ? ]

3. What are the supported Microaoft Office versions for AD-RMS 2016 ?


Attached Screenshort to better understanding.

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-25 at 3.50.53 PM.jpeg

I can not find any article on google regarding this, highly appreciated  your response

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I would strongly recommend that you look very closely at Azure Information Protect/M365 Sensitivity labels. This technology is where MS is investing and it will be much easier to find people with experience deploying and planning this. It also provides a much better user experience.

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For OnPremise RMS it is Office Professional & ProPlus only.

For AIP it is O365 Business & O365 ProPlus. (Business needs to be on version 1805 at least):


AD RMS is not really a recommended solution anymore for most scenarios, given the many obstacles to enable B2B scenarios, so the documentation hasn't been updated since Windows Server 2012, some of the official documentation is still for WS2008 - and thus I naver seen any documentation on which O365 clients supports AD RMS. 




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Can you provide the Microsoft Documentation link for On-Premise RMS supporting only Office Professional & ProPlus.





AD RMS Infrastructure Requirements - TechNet Articles - United States (English) - TechNet Wiki (

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