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Access users farm RDS


I have a RDS farm with a collection. Users member group acceest to farm. I need that non local administrators users  can access directly to servers on farm. I add users to Remote Desktop Users, but when try access, show error en rdp client with redirection.


When i try to access using mstsc /admin with user non local administrator to server, show me access denied.



Is there a way to grant non-admin users direct access to the servers in the terminal server farm?


PD: All server are Windows Server 2012 R2




Afaik only the /admin switch will disable redirection for RD hosts configured in a farm - but of course user then needs to be admin on the hosts. 

Why do you require to directly connect to a certain host for those users?

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Hi Janosch


Yes, i require that some users connect directly to host. This users are application admins and they not require local admin permissions.


Thanks for reply.


Well, then I would say they now need local admin permissions.


Only other method would be to use some software deployment tools or software virtualization tools like App-V so that an application admin can control, maybe even redeploy apps easily & rapidly with the correct settings. If this is really an alterative depends on the question on why the app admin needs to access one distinct RDSH - e.g. wasn't the app deployed the same way on all nodes? 

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Hi Janosch

User required access directly server why each server have installed application as client/server.

When application show errors, this only on server, not in others farm member servers .

I not publish using App-V because that user require open multiple session on aplication. Aditionally, users use tools as excel and calculator on RDP session.

By security and internal policy, users can´t be admins local on server


Thanks by reply.