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ACR Recognition for Benefit Programs

I was recently contacted by Microsoft support about our reported Azure consumption and advised that a subscription we have registered as Partner of Record is not recording revenue against our partner level for Azure Consumed Revenue (ACR)

I understand that this is spelled out in the terms of this are spelled out in the partner agreement "Offer types Trial, Benefits programs, Support, and Internal are excluded. Government subscriptions (i.e. Fairfax) are not eligible for ACR via PAL association."

We are registering this type of subscription via Digital Partner of Record (DPoR)


The question I have here is about the purpose of the consumed revenue metric. In this particular case, we are assisting a software development team who is also a Microsoft Partner and we have advised them to use their included benefits to reduce costs for their pre-production environments.

The pre-prod environment is invoiced monthly for a cost which is an order of magnitude more than the credit provided in the subscription but we cannot be recognised for this consumption against our partner level. I am not expecting that any credit amount or discount would be recognised as I agree this would be an invalid approach, simply that the invoiced revenue would count toward partner levels. If this were the case we would have reached our next partner level last year quite quickly.


In my opinion the exclusion of this type of subscription causes the following behaviour:

1. Partners are not incentivised to assist other partners by using their free credits, which themselves are reason to use the Azure platform.

2. The best path for us currently when looking at the ACR itself is to get the customer to use CSP or PAYG/EA methods instead. This immediately raises the question of why the other partner would pay for a developer/partner action pack or other subscription.

3. Partners such as ourselves that want to do the right thing by our clients and also move more services to Azure are being left behind (this also applied to reserved instances, but not really my point here)


I ask that the inclusion of benefit subscriptions be reviewed to include any invoiced value that are generated from these types of subscriptions.