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"The Fourth Industrial Revolution" Hackathon (July 19-21)

From July 19th to 21st, 2019, DoraHacks teamed up with Microsoft for Startups to host "the Fourth Industrial Revolution" Hackathon in Beijing, China. In this event, Microsoft for Startups provided Microsoft Azure cloud service and top technical support for participants. Also, Microsoft for Startups put forward the theme of AI for Good, which aims to protect nature, protect the earth, and help disabled people to have a better life.

The participatants showed a variety of innovative projects. The judges finally awarded the first prize to V Xiaodaozuihou team.

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To know more about the champion team, read this interview in Chinese:


微信图片_20190815102829.jpgOpening Ceremony

微信图片_20190815103231.jpgBooth of Microsoft for Startups