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Technical Training: Register for MS Cloud App Security Deployment Webinars

We’re excited to announce a new webinar series focused on Microsoft’s Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB).

Microsoft Cloud App Security is powered by a unique approach to deliver state-of-the-art security for multi-cloud environments, via native integrations with industry-leading solutions.

In this 6-part series, our engineering and customer experience teams will cover key use cases and deployment best practices to help you better secure your cloud environments.

You can register now at

The topics covered in this series are:

  1. How to use Microsoft Cloud App Security to protect your sensitive information anywhere in the cloud (March 12 and 14)
  2. Leverage state of the art threat detection capabilities to quickly detect and remediate threats across your cloud applications (March 19 and 21)
  3. Monitor and control user actions across your cloud apps in real-time using Conditional Access App Control (March 26 and 28)
  4. Discover the use of Shadow IT in your organization, evaluate the risks and start managing them (April 2 and 4)
  5. Stay protected across all your apps, by connecting 3rd party applications
  6. Simplify your SecOps life by automating security workflows with Cloud App Security and Microsoft Flow (April 16 and 18)

The webinars will be hosted on Tuesdays (3:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM PT) and Thursdays (10:00 AM GMT) between March 12th and April 18th.

Sign-up today and join our first webinar on March, 12th

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