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Six Degrees of Difficulty - Underrepresented Founders

In collaboration with Microsoft for Startups Canada and One Eleven, one of our top innovation hub partners in Toronto - we will be co-hosting a new unique startups event series titled “Six Degrees of Difficulty” focused on underrepresented Canadian founders who often report a disadvantage in terms of the lack of network support for their efforts. Because of systemic barriers, they often have trouble accessing the same level of mentorship, advice, introductions, promotions and investments as “traditional” founders.  The event scheduled to start in September 2019 will showcase six startups attempting to solve complex issues through the products they are developing and the systemic barriers their founders face.    Each selected founder will outline the opportunity and tactical support they need to rapidly scale.   Our audience comprised of venture capital firms, enterprise business leaders, media,  and digital consultants all will take one action, in the form of introductions,  access or amplification, on behalf of each presenting company and provide a firm commitment to help one or many of these founder.  We expect the event to drive support and awareness as we collectively continued to push the envelope with demonstrable impact in diversity, inclusion and accelerating businesses for underrepresented founders.  The events will be held at OneEleven, 325 Front St. W., Toronto, ON in partnership with Microsoft for Startups Canada.