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Please join us – June webinars!

B2B Marketing Beyond Lead Generation
June 6, 2019 8:00AM Pacific
Register here: https://microsoftcloudpartner.eventbuilder.com/event/4734?source=

Microsoft Intelligent Edge: Azure Stack, HCI and Data Box Edge… oh my!
June 6, 10:00AM Pacific
Register here: https://microsoftcloudpartner.eventbuilder.com/event/4047?source=

High-Resolution Outbound Sales
June 13, 8:00AM Pacific
Register here: https://microsoftcloudpartner.eventbuilder.com/event/4732?source=

Microsoft’s Marketplace Roadmap: June Updates
June 25, 10:00AM Pacific
Register here: https://microsoftcloudpartner.eventbuilder.com/event/4060?source


Solution Workspace: Take your solution from idea to market with curated resources, advice, and steps
June 27, 10:00AM Pacific
Register here: https://microsoftcloudpartner.eventbuilder.com/event/5384?source=