IoT in Action with Microsoft is coming to San Francisco in February

Be our guest in San Francisco for the IoT in Action with Microsoft event on Feb. 13th, 2018.


Meet and hear from Microsoft visionary IoT leaders such as James Whittaker, gain industry insight, and build partnership with key IoT solution providers from around the world. Whether you're looking to create new revenue streams or identify new business opportunities, the IoT in Action event is for you. 

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to:

  • Prepare for what's ahead - Walk away with actionable knowledge around edge devices, cloud services, and business value of IoT solutions.
  • Envision and learn - Gain insights into market opportunities and scalable solutions to accelerate your business growth with IoT.
  • Connect and collaborate - Meet customers across retail, industrial automation, healthcare, smart buildings, energy, security & surveillance and more.

Learn more about the event and register here. 

Level 6 Contributor

A wonderful event with talented and visionary IOT leaders like James Whittaker in order mainly to scale with the new techniques Microsoft is promoting to make business opportunities flow easily. With AI, IOT is revolutionizing the way efficiency is successfully performed in terms of time, cost and under budget.


Lots of great opportunities in IoT! I love it that Microsoft are taking a leadership role in this area!

Combined with automation, BI and especially AI are where I envision the best opportunities in the short to medium term. Some verticals like Real Estate are low hanging fruit but I also see Manufacturing and Health Care.


Regards, Per