IoT in Action Webinar: Making IoT Mainstream in Retail

Join us and Microsoft partner Footmarks for the IoT in Action webinar Making IoT Mainstream in Retail on March 8th, 2018. During the webinar, we will show you how to deliver personal, seamless, and differentiated customer experiences by empowering people, enabling digital transformation, and capturing data-based insights to drive growth

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Learn and Apply:

  • Reshape the customer experience. Utilize IoT-enabled devices that help retailers predict customer demand to ensure inventory levels, increased revenue and happier customers.
  • Maximize ROI. Receive real-time data insights on customer history and preferences, traffic patterns, and behaviors that can lead to increased sales and streamlined operations.
  • Improve operations. Gain insights from IoT-enabled sensors for optimizing traffic flow, product layouts, staffing levels, and labor distribution, all of which will help drive sales.

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