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Introducing CREATE:Frontend on July 29th

Hey Frontend Devs! Join the Cloud Advocacy Team at CREATE:Frontend on 29 Jul 8:30AM PST as we talk about everything frontend – from dev tools, building inclusive products, to addressing the struggles of working remotely. 


Some of the topics that we’ll be covering at the event includes:

  • The top of mind for frontend developers in 2020
  • The state of Static Web Apps 
  • Azure Maya Mystery: The inner workings of a Static Web App
  • Developing inclusive products and web applications
  • The struggles of remote work and how to make the best out of it 
  • Fun online activities for kids!

We’ll also be hosting a hands-on workshop where each participant will leave with an application that they built and deployed in one of several Javascript frameworks of their choice, based on one of our Learn modules.


You can learn more at aka.ms/createfrontend and add the event to your calendar. See you there! #MSCreate