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Episode 29: Security in a Cloud-Enabled World, with Dan Mannion of Armor

Security is a wildly important topic today given the risks and the number of security threats from bad actors and nation states. Security in a cloud-enabled world requires a new approach as organizations transform. Solutions that address multi platform needs are more important now than ever before.

My guest for this podcast episode is Dan Mannion, Vice President of Partners & Technology Alliances for Armor, a Security Platform Company based in Richardson, Texas. In this interview Dan addresses the new realities of security in a cloud-enabled world and how Armor solves for them.

As the First Totally Secure Cloud Company™, Armor sets the standard for managed cloud security services - delivering protection, detection and response for data workloads and applications no matter where they're hosted.

Dan is responsible to all aspects of business alliances with vendors and Armor's reseller channel for this fast growing Cloud Security company. He has been responsible for creating a trusted, predictable indirect sales channel that will soon generate the majority of the revenue for the company and shifting the previous channel business from SMB focused and reactive, to proactive and mid-market/lower enterprise focused.

In this interview you will learn:

  • The importance of security in today's heterogeneous, multi-cloud platform IT environment.
  • The "Three Types of Threat Actors".
  • Armor's Security Platform - Spartan - secures over 1200 customers in 45 countries today.
  • The Shared Responsibility Model - accountability when customers move their apps and data to the cloud
  • How he balances his business focus across two hyperscaler vendor partners - Microsoft and Amazon Web Services or AWS.
  • The three classes of organizations he partners with to sell and deliver his solutions.
  • How he enables Armor's partners to successfully identify, qualify and sell.
  • Where he sees the growth - Armor Anywhere, international expansion and partner growth.
  • What makes a great partner.
  • Dan's career journey including career advice and great books he recommends.

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