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Pending Vouchers


Does anyone else also has issues with receiving vouchers after attending practice test sessions?

I have attended several practice test sessions and some full day trainings, but unfortunately; I did not receive the emails (that would be sent after 96 hours after the event) regarding mentioned vouchers for most of the events. Actually, I did notice a pattern there: for every practice session I attend about Azure, I receive the mail for vouchers but never for the ones about MS 365. I already made a spreadsheet to verify this and it proves my hypothesis.


I also followed up the issue with the email address WE PLP Support <> which sends the registration confirmations, reminders for the events and got almost the same reply stating that:

"Hi Sahin,

Thank you for your email.

Of course we will pass on your request and details to the responsible party and keep on follow up until it´s finalized.

Please feel free to get back to us if you have further queries."

However, the problems have not been resolved despite sending 2 more reminders (almost 60 days has passed after some events, hence the reminders). My last reminders have been unanswered.


What I understand is that vouchers are sent from WEHQ Partner Enablement Team <> whereas the events are followed up by WE PLP Support <>. There must be an issue between these two parties preventing me (or us, other partners) to receive the relevant mails.

I also attended full day trainings for MS-500 and AZ-500 back in September and also did not receive the mentioned vouchers for the exams, either. I also mentioned this issue in one email to the responsible person arranging these trainings.

I kindly ask all the members of our community to leave a feedback on this topic if they have experienced the same. This way; the severity of the problem can be correctly identified.

Dear @Giselle_alaniz ,
Please see the PDF file for the event codes, dates and exam codes as agreed. I would appreciate if you could look into this. Thank you in advance for your help and interest.

Ps: To rule out possible questions: I checked my spam folder, there is no mail there. I even double checked with outlook web app to see if my desktop app can be the reason but not there, either. I do receive vouchers after attending Azure related events.

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Hi @Sahin  thank you for reaching out. Please give me some days to start the investigation. Once I have an outcome I will share over here. 

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Hi @Giselle_alaniz thank you for your support. I would like to update the situation so that, you can make your investigation accordingly.

On Tuesday 17th, I attended MS-100 Practice Test  Session and at the end, I asked the other participants if they experienced the same problem as I did. Many expressed having the same problem and even confirmed that they received Azure related voucher mails in reasonable time. Some even expressed they mailed to but never got an answer / solution. I suggested them to contact their OCP Communications Manager and post on their respective community hubs.


Interestingly, after mentioning the problem in the practice session and posting here; mails including vouchers for the most recent events have started to come lightning fast! Just one day after the event, unforeseen before. I believe the relevant parties were also present in this Teams meeting and / or they are also keeping an eye on this community forum.


My problem still persists partially: on Thursday 19th, I received four emails from concerning my four (at that time) pending vouchers. The mails included only exam vouchers whereas they should've included vouchers for MOC, Measureup Practice Test and Exam. Even one was not the one I was missing; they sent voucher for AZ-500 instead of MS-500. I've replied explaining that I was expecting the whole set, not only the exam vouchers. No answer received as of now.


I hope this gets solved for everyone so that we can go on with our studies and hopefully get certified soon!



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Hello Sahin,


I have experienced the same. I also noticed several other people in today's MS-100 Practice Test Session complaining about this problem.

I hope this will get resolved soon.

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Update: I received the relevant email a few minutes ago for MS-700 practice test session which took place yesterday.