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Join us! IoT Threat Protection training 25 - 29 November

Hello Partner Community!


Analysts predict we’ll have billions of IoT devices connected worldwide in a few years, drastically increasing the surface area for attacks. To develop the skills necessary to assist your customers against these attacks, join us for the IoT Threat Protection training from 25 - 29 November!


You'll learn how the new Azure Defender for IoT incorporates CyberX’s agentless technology and IoT/OT-aware behavioral analytics, minimizing those risks by providing IT teams with continuous IoT/OT visibility into their industrial and critical infrastructure networks. You'll also learn how to setup, configure and manage Azure Defender for IoT, as well as work with the sensor information.


We're offering three sessions to Microsoft Partners: 


25 November - IoT Threat Protection with new Azure Defender for IoT

26 November - Setting up and managing Azure Defender for IoT

29 November - Working with device inventory and sensor detections 


Audience: Technical
Level: Intermediate


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