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DONT MISS OUT!! Enhance your business value with Application Innovation – LIVE SWEDISH EVENT

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Welcome to the Live event with Microsoft,  at Regeringsgatan 25, where we will discuss Application Innovation, how you as a partner distinguish yourself from everyone else by building and modernizing software with the best possible solution!


11/11 2021 ANMÄL DIG HÄR!  


During this event, we aim for you as a partner to get more information about how we work and how you as a partner can get the most out of your partnership with Microsoft around what we collectively call Application Innovation. We talk about what is on topic right now and how we can jointly create business and take advantage of areas such as DevOps, Application Modernisation, Cloud Native and Well architected framework!



Marketplace - Why should you be there and how does Marketplace drive new business


Application Innovation - How can this business area create opportunities for you and what parts do our large Microsoft customers invest in?


Partnership with Microsoft - How can you build applications innovation offerings and how can you do this with Microsoft.


Worm Welcome. Don't forget to ask questions and create future contacts with us at Microsoft within the partner organization!