Build your skills with Security Cloud Weeks and Sales Bootcamps

Whatever your role, we offer free training and certification options to help you build your expertise!

These events are designed to build your tech and sales capabilities and bolster your existing skills.


Build technical skills for Security | October 17 – 21, 2022

Save time and simplify the path to certification. Join the Security Cloud Week to receive in-depth training on Microsoft security solutions. This five-day training will help you prepare for advanced certifications and deliver exceptional services to your customers.



Register Now: October 19-20, 2022 |7 AM-9 AM PST

Security Sales Bootcamp is a virtual, multi-day sales training led by Microsoft Sellers and Security Sales Specialists. These in-depth sessions provide advanced knowledge for selling Microsoft security, compliance, and identity solutions. Learn the anatomy of a win by becoming proficient at starting sales conversations, solving customer challenges, pitching Microsoft Security value, and overcoming objections. Join us to explore how Microsoft drives business objectives, in order to achieve desired customer outcomes.