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Azure Foundations and SAP Insights

This course is a series of 4 online lessons designed to prepare students in the fundamentals of Azure and the basics design guidelines for SAP. As more and more companies prepare their cloud strategy, we are seeing more companies adopt running their SAP environments in the public cloud.
This series is designed to show you how to build Azure environment to support SAP. The cloud is made up of many of the same technologies you are currently working with, but you must now learn the differences in how you plan, migrate, maintain, and support your IT resources using cloud technologies.


The objectives of this series are as follows:
• How to use Azure
• Understanding of Azure Compute, Storage and Network solutions
• Learn about Azure IAM solutions, Governance and Security
• Key Design aspects of SAP on Azure
• SAP Sizing and costing
• Migration Strategies for migrating SAP to Azure
• This series will help you prepare and be ready to attend the SAP on Azure Technical Workshop

Session Overview:
• Session 1 – SAP on Azure Compute and Storage
• Session 2 – Azure Networking, Management & Security
• Session 3 – SAP on Azure Architecture
• Session 4 – SAP on Azure Migration


When: 11 Nov- 10 Dec 

Register: here