22-24 Feb. 2021 - Microsoft Partner Presales and Technical Bootcamp: Delivering Frontline Solutions to Customers





More than 2 billion frontline workers are at the forefront of many major industries, from healthcare to government to manufacturing to retail, to name just a few. But fewer than 25 percent of these workers say they have the right technology to do their jobs. And with the recent acceleration of remote and hybrid work models, this lack of technological support becomes even more challenging. 


This gap presents a major opportunity for partners to support their customers, by enabling them to unlock the potential of these workers through creating frontline experiences based on five core frontline worker value pillars: 


  • Connect your workforce 
  • Digitize manual processes
  • Accelerate onboarding
  • Empower with devices
  • Protect your organization 


By providing frontline workers with experiences that deliver back to the bottom line – through powerful and intuitive solutions and devices – every employee is empowered to succeed and contribute to their organization’s success.  


Who should attend this bootcamp?

This event is a great opportunity for those who are new to the frontline workforce practice or simply want to learn more about it. Over three days, subject matter experts from Microsoft will offer both presales and technical guidance for how to land and create frontline solutions for customers across all industries. Register now for all or any of the following dates. 


Recommended technical audience

  • Developers
  • Practice development managers
  • Presales technical architects
  • Product managers
  • Technical consultants


Register for this no-cost, virtual live event today!

Partner Communications Manager OCP | The Netherlands