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WORKSHOP | Mastering VM Offers

This interactive workshop fully covers building Virtual Machine Offers for the Azure marketplace. Leave this immersive workshop with the knowledge and skills to implement a fully functional VM offer in no time. Come for plenty of demos and hands-on labs.


Duration: 6 hours with 30-minute break for lunch. 


Date and Time: May 17, 9AM - 3PM Pacific



  • An Azure account that can create resources
  • A Partner Center account is required
  • Visual Studio
  • Git

Presenters: Neelavarsha Mahesh, David Starr, and Julio Colon


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Target Audience: Account Executives, Account Managers, Alliance Advisors, Alliance Directors, Business Development Managers, Business Strategy Managers, CEOs, CIOs, COOs, CTOs, Developers, Emerging Technologists,  Finance Managers, Sales Directors,  Head of Technology, IT Director's, Marketing Managers, Product Managers,  System Development Managers, Software Architects, Software Developers, Software Engineers, Strategic Advisors, Solution Architects, Technical Sales Engineers and Web Developers.