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New Intelligent Communications services are now available!

Announcing new, technical webinars and consultations that will rapidly expand your Intelligent Communications technical knowledge base. Technical webinars are available to you as a Partner Network member at no cost and one-to-one personalized consultations can be leveraged by using your MPN technical benefits.

New technical webinars (additional dates/times will be added to the titles below):

Introduction to Intelligent Communications – Discover how Intelligent Communications boosts productivity, allowing partners to create a comprehensive practice with growth potential. (English – April 2, English – May 13, English – May 15, English – June 11, English – June 13, Italian – April 3, Portuguese – April 25, Spanish – April 23)

Technical Deep Dive on Microsoft Cloud Voicemail – Explore Microsoft Cloud Voicemail benefits for users who have mailboxes on Exchange Server 2019 or Exchange Online. (English – May 2, English – May 8, English – May 15, English – June 6)

New technical consultations:

Intelligent Communications Starter Kit (Cost: Up to 5 partner advisory hours) – Receive an overview of how Intelligent Communications delivers immersive experiences that help organizations boost productivity.

Intelligent Communications Presales Consultation (Cost: Up to 5 partner advisory hours) – Understand and adopt the next generation of Microsoft Productivity Solutions as Microsoft Teams.

Intelligent Communications Deployment Consultation (Cost: Up to 5 partner advisory hours) – Expand your communications and collaboration practices with Microsoft Teams offerings.

Explore the full suite of technical webinars and consultations available for the Intelligent Communications technical journey at aka.ms/IntelligentCommsTechJourney.