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Microsoft Partner Research Panel (MSPRP)

Calling all partners,

A quick reminder to all our amazing partners: the Microsoft Partner Research Panel (MSPRP) is an incredible asset for shaping our Microsoft Partner Network offerings and resources and, if you haven’t already, we’d love for you to join the panel.

The MSPRP is hosted on behalf of Microsoft by MDC Research, and the panel is comprised of partners who have agreed to offer their thoughts through quantitative and qualitative research such as online surveys and focus groups. The feedback we get from panel members gives us more insight into the partner experience and influences the development and change of our programs. Although we always appreciate 1:1 feedback from individual partners, these panel surveys give us a better sense of the global partner ecosystem.

Participation in the MSPRP is voluntary, anonymous, and so very vital to our understanding of how you and your customers want to engage with us, our products, and our services.

How to get involved:
If you’d like to participate in the MSPRP, you are invited to opt in on the MSPRP registration page. The more partners who participate, the broader the range of feedback we get, and the better informed we are to make improvements, so I encourage everyone to opt in.

We can’t overstate the value to us and we trust that the resulting continued refinement of our offerings makes us better partners and brings value to you. Moreover, it’s a great way to ensure your thoughts are heard by our management and staff!

We’d also like to thank current panel members who take the time to respond and help us make informed, programmatic changes that benefit the global partner community.

Thank you for the continued partnership!

Melissa Mulholland
Director, Business Strategy
One Commercial Partner (OCP)
Practice Development and Profitability


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Re: Microsoft Partner Research Panel (MSPRP)

how could i help you for the same, please ask

Navneet Chauhan
Founder & CEO
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Re: Microsoft Partner Research Panel (MSPRP)

Would like to help wherever possible in making a better platform for the community through the use of technology.

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Re: Microsoft Partner Research Panel (MSPRP)

Level 2 Contributor

Re: Microsoft Partner Research Panel (MSPRP)

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Re: Microsoft Partner Research Panel (MSPRP)

We will be happy to assist.

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Re: Microsoft Partner Research Panel (MSPRP)