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Limitless Confidence Series: #1 Imposter Syndrome

The WIT Network Global Virtual Mentoring Circles presents:


You’ve earned it: Ways to break free of Impostor Syndrome

“It was the people I worked with who made this possible”

“I will defer to someone who knows what they’re talking about”

Sound familiar? You aren’t alone. In 1978, Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes published their research on the feelings of fraud felt by numerous high-achieving women, dubbing their findings the "Impostor Phenomenon". Since then, what is now known as Impostor Syndrome has captured the curiosity of psychologists and has given a name to a set of beliefs held primarily (based on follow-up research) by women in the workplace.


SarahF.jpgJoin Sarah Fischer as she shares examples of her own experiences with Impostor Syndrome, explains some strategies she uses to put it in its place, and provides a space for participants to reflect on their own experiences and set goals for their future professional practice.





Series Host: Diana May, Igloo Community Manager



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