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Introducing Microsoft Windows Server 2019

Announcing new, technical webinar events, available to you as a Partner Network member at no cost. These technical webinars, planned and delivered by Microsoft Partner Technical Consultants, will help you understand how to grow businesses and extend operations to the cloud with Microsoft Windows Server 2019.

Introduction to Microsoft Windows Server 2019 – Microsoft Windows Server 2019 will help grow businesses and extend operations to the cloud. In this technical webinar, discover the new Windows Server 2019 features that will evolve datacenter infrastructure, helping to achieve greater efficiency and higher security. Additionally, how to extend a datacenter to Azure to maximize investments and gain new hybrid capabilities. ​

While cloud services are essential to digital transformation, many organizations also want to drive innovation at the edge, starting in their datacenters. Making this work requires a connected experience across the cloud and edge, with a consistent set of experiences for security, Containers and management.  ​

Check out the full Cloud Infrastructure & Management technical journey of technical webinars and technical consultations at aka.ms/BuildIntelligentCloud.