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Increase efficiency and productivity with Azure services

Stay up to date and utilize the latest developments in Azure services. In these technical webinars, available to you as a Partner Network member at no cost, you will receive marketing and business news, plus migration and deployment how-to.


Additional dates/times will be added to the titles below:

Introduction to Azure IaaS – Discover how Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS) can help SMBs increase efficiency and productivity, whiles reducing costs. (English – June 12, English – June 20, Spanish – July 11)

Technical Deep Dive on Migrating Applications to Azure – Learn the migration paths for moving existing on-premises application to Microsoft Azure. (English – June 13, English – July 25)


What’s New in Azure Infrastructure as a Service – Learn about Azure service news and updates, new and updated features, service available in datacenters, and answers to common questions. (English – June 12, English – July 30, Chinese – July 23, German – July 26, Italian – July 22)


Check out the full Apps & Infrastructure technical journey of technical webinars and technical consultations at aka.ms/AzureAppInnovation and aka.ms/O365AppInnovationy.