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Improving Collaboration for Remote Workers Part 5 of Scaling & Supporting a Remote Workforce webinar series


Building a solid foundation for your remote workforce doesn't stop with just applications and connectivity. For remote workers to be productive, they must work together and feel connected. That’s why an effective collaboration strategy is key. Your collaboration strategy should not only encourage a natural flow of communication and teamwork, but also account for compliance and data protection. Join us as we discuss the tools, strategies and guidelines that will help you create a secure and nurturing collaboration environment for your remote workers.



Speaker Bio


Chad Gray

chad-gray.jpgSenior Architect, Connected Workforce


Chad is an avid enthusiast of technology and the way people interact and collaborate. With more than 18 years of experience in unified communications and collaboration, he enjoys discovering new ways technology can enhance our day-to-day communications and processes. He enjoys applying collaboration technology to help clients bridge the gaps created by culture, demographics, generational age differences and personalities.



Joe Flynnjoseph-flynn.jpg

Director, Technical Architecture – Connected Workforce

With more than 20 years of industry experience, Joe focuses on the Microsoft stack of technologies to help clients keep up with the workplace technology curve. His expertise revolves around the latest cloud tools that drive collaboration, communication and security.