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Building the apps of the future at Connect(); 2017

~This blog was written by Gavriella Schuster; what are you looking forward to about Connect(); 2017?~

It's always a thrill to highlight new ways our partners can bring big ideas to life through technology. Their bold solutions never cease to amaze me, which is why I'm so excited about the technologies revealed today in New York at Connect(); 2017. With these emerging capabilities, partners who develop in the cloud will be able to build even more intelligent, innovative apps for their customers.

Changing the world with modern apps

I regularly hear from partners looking for ways to bring richer, more intuitive, modernized experiences to both consumers and business users. Building AI capabilities into apps enhances interaction and sets companies apart with a differentiated customer experience. For example, think of a home remodeling app that captures and analyzes the dimensions and appearance of an outdated kitchen, then displays new appliances, colors, and recommended upgrades. Or a farm management app that uses weather patterns, soil samples, and crop schedules to generate unique water and fertilizer guides for small, single-owner farms. The opportunities are virtually endless.

Build with Microsoft

To help partners take advantage of this intelligent approach to creating apps, Microsoft now includes new AI development tools in Visual Studio, which is part of your MPN membership. We also announced the new Azure IOT Edge service, which enables analytics and AI scenarios closer to the customer, and additional updates to Azure machine learning. Learn more about these tools here.

For partners focused on building data and analytics solutions across a broad set of data sources, Microsoft made several announcements today that provide greater flexibility across the data estate. We launched Azure Databricks Preview. It's a fast, easy, and collaborative Apache Spark™ platform that allows data scientists, data engineers, and developers to process, manage, and get quick insights out of enterprise-scale data. Also announced in private preview is Azure Database for MariaDB that will bring fully-managed service capabilities to MariaDB, a database that developers love. The power of Azure Cosmos DB gets richer, too, with the Azure Cosmos DB with Apache Cassandra API preview.

For us data migration geeks, you can read more about how the Microsoft Data Accelerator Program helps ISVs meet growing customer demand to move data workloads to the cloud here.

If you want to bring that data to life with AI, it's never been easier. Get started Microsoft's AI School - free, on-line modules for self-paced easy consumption. Learn more about this amazing resource here.

App development for all

Rounding out today’s announcements is the general availability of Visual Studio App Center. This is the most comprehensive app development lifecycle solution, regardless of the environment you’re working in (Objective-C, Swift, Java, Xamarin and React Native developers, the new Azure DevOps Projects feature, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2018 general availability, or Python extensions for Visual Studio Code). It’s available in Visual Studio subscriptions through the Cloud Solution Provider program. Learn more about this great opportunity here.

We think these new offerings will be big differentiators for partners, and we’re committed to helping you take advantage. Get started with two days of free technology training, hosted on Channel 9 by Microsoft’s AI University, engineering teams, and product groups. Learn more about this amazing resource here.

Share your experience at Connect(); 2017 with us here.


Well written!

Steve Ballmer used to say that being an ISV was a wonderful business and so far he hadn't found something better.  

A modern ISV year 2017 is someone that is developing apps that are deployed in a modern way with either everything in the cloud or a small part on a personal device.

As I meet so many companies I see that innovation happens everywhere on the globe - and thanks to the cloud (and internet) a small company in a rural part of somewhere can sell everywhere. That's actually something that is great for society that everyone has a chance to be a winner!

I'm personally looking for companies that are building apps with a great portion of AI/AR and that have a vision of creating apps that can be sold outside their immediate local market. 

Being in the business of apps is a great place to be and SteveB's words are still valid - in fact even more valid now!


Regards, Per