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Bring value to your customers with Office 365 applications

In attending this technical webinar, available to you as a Partner Network member at no cost, you will learn more about Office 365 applications included with your customer deployments and discover why customers should use Flow, Stream, Forms and other Office 365 applications.

Introduction to Microsoft 365 App LauncherThe Office 365 app launcher is the user interface that opens when you click the App Launcher (waffle) icon in the upper left corner of the Office 365 portal. The App Launcher has been redesigned to make opening and switching between your apps easier than ever by highlighting your most used Office 365 apps and providing quick access to your recent online Office documents – from anywhere in Office 365. During this webinar, you’ll receive an overview of the apps available within Office 365, understand which apps are included with specific plans, and find out where you can get more information about an app that might interest you. 

Explore the full suite of technical webinars and consultations available for Teamwork technical journey at aka.ms/TeamworkTechJourney.


Thanks for this. Sharing!

Can you point me to any trainings like this for the sales side of the house?



Hi Robb,

Apologies for the late response. Let me look into this and get back to you if I find anything I believe would be beneficial to what you're asking for.