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Agile Online: How to Embody Agile Principles While Remote


With the unprecedented surge of remote work environments, many businesses now face a unique set of challenges and requirements. Agile principles ensure productive collaboration, iterative development and rapid delivery of business value — but how do you maintain an Agile culture across your business when more and more of your teams are becoming dispersed?

Join us for this webinar event as we uncover ways to maximize the value of Agile in an entirely remote environment. We’ll focus on key topics such as:

  • Enabling Agile-based roles and responsibilities to remote leadership & teams
  • Building and maintaining a culture of trust among distributed workers
  • Employing effective Agile techniques for more productive work
  • Regularly embodying practices that are in line with Agile tenets

Using the Agile manifesto, you’ll learn how working with Agile can lead to better business outcomes — no matter where your teams are working.


Angel Marencoangel-marenco.jpg

Senior Consultant and Project Manager

Angel is a dedicated member of Insight’s Digital Innovation team with a degree in computer science; his career has spanned enterprise IT and development. Over the last few years, he’s taken on leadership and management roles with an emphasis on agility and talent development and has led several organizations through the transition of co-located to distributed offices.