At Microsoft Inspire this past July, we talked about how we're going to help you innovate more, go to market faster, and connect with the right customers at the right time. At the events this week, innovation is top of mind. For example, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella just announced a new effort to define the next horizon of computing technology. Quantum computing opens up a new frontier for partners by solving problems that could otherwise take a lifetime.

Here are a few more big announcements that we think will inspire you to innovate with Microsoft and offer solutions that enable your customers' digital transformation.

Create change with Microsoft 365

Also at Inspire, Satya introduced partners to the new concept of Microsoft 365. This complete technology solution combines the intelligence and security of Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). It's a new pathway to digital transformation that lets partners build stronger relationships with customers by helping them to be more creative, more secure, and more effective. This week we're announcing new and updated programs - Microsoft 365 F1 and FastTrack - to help keep the momentum going.

Check out these two new ways you can innovate with Microsoft 365:

1. Give firstline workers an edge

We know that a company's success relies on the abilities of their firstline workers. These are the amazing people who are behind the counter, on the phone, in hospitals, and on the shop floor engaging directly with customers every day. Microsoft 365 F1 is designed to give firstline workers -more than 2 billion strong- the power and capabilities to engage customers and represent their companies in a more creative and secure way.

Our vision for Microsoft 365 F1 is based on how technology can help foster culture and community, train and upskill employees, digitize business processes, deliver real-time insights, and minimize risk and cost. Learn more about how you can jump on this exciting opportunity here.

2. Build customer trust with FastTrack

Microsoft 365 helps partners become the trusted security advisor their customers need, and FastTrack provides the resources and the support you need to build that relationship.

Microsoft 365 includes intelligent security solutions that protect customer information across users, devices, and apps. We're happy to announce that FastTrack for Microsoft 365 now provides end-to-end deployment services for the key security capabilities built in to Office 365, Windows 10, and EMS. With these expanded capabilities, we've made it easier than ever to get differentiated, end-to-end security solutions, as well as critical deployment and usage support. These resources and tools, along with access to Microsoft engineers, will help partners lead the deployment and adoption of these intelligent security solutions for customers. The best part is that this is a repeatable service benefit that can be used anytime throughout the customer journey. Check out the new FastTrack website to learn more about the Microsoft 365 Security deployment service.

Get more done for less with Azure

The upcoming availability of Azure Stack, SQL 2017, Azure Machine Learning, and Reserved Instances (RIs) are all big news for partners. Not only will partners soon be able to help customers move workloads to the cloud at lower cost, but with programs the new Azure Database Migration Service (DMS), Managed Instances, and Azure Stack, we're making it easier than ever to move customer data and manage customer environments.

Here are two more ways you can innovate with Microsoft Azure:

3. Build with the new Azure Stack and SQL Server 2017

We're putting our best foot forward with some exciting changes to Azure. From a savings standpoint, Azure is now the obvious choice for Microsoft partners. With the new release of Windows Server, SQL Server 2017, and innovations in Azure Machine Learning, the opportunities for partners to build with Microsoft and help customers modernize and transform are greater than ever.

Speaking of "build with" opportunities, Azure Stack integrated systems are now shipping and available for purchase -with Dell, Lenovo, and HPE partners showcasing their solutions here at Ignite. The ability to build one application and have it run in Azure or locally on Azure Stack opens up exciting new use cases like edge and disconnected solutions. Learn more about how you can get started with Azure Stack here.

Meanwhile, we also announced general availability of SQL Server 2017. SQL Server 2017 delivers industry leading performance and security with everything built-in, including AI -now on the platform of your customer's choice (including Windows Server, Linux, and Docker). We're also very excited to announce that we're pioneering new Azure Machine Learning capabilities, including a new Machine Learning Workbench built to enhance AI productivity of any developer and data scientist.

4. Save money with reserved instances

Azure VM Reserved instances (RIs), announced today, represent a great opportunity for our partners. They allow customers to purchase VM capacity in advance at a great discount. This is an exciting opportunity for partners because RIs are a conversation accelerator, and no other public cloud can compare. RIs can be combined with Azure Hybrid Benefit, the ability for customers to apply unused on-prem licenses to Azure, and not just for Windows Server but soon SQL Server as well. When compared to on-demand prices, RIs and Hybrid benefits for Windows Server can add up to an incredible 82% savings.

We're moving fast and working hard at Microsoft to help you make the most of these great products and create better business opportunities. With advancements in the technology, we're making it easier to help you and your customers take full advantage of the cloud -and transform your businesses in the process.

What announcements are you most excited to hear at Microsoft Ignite? Share your thoughts below.