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Welcome to OEA - Open Education Analytics

Dear Partner Community,


Using data to support every learner from classroom to career

Open Education Analytics (OEA) is an open source community coordinated by Microsoft Education. We collaborate with education systems across the world to develop modern data intelligence capabilities.


Get started with the modern data estate using the OEA reference architecture, open source modules, training, and use cases. Ensure responsible data and AI practices with our OEA toolkit. Join our community and contribute education data solutions.

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What is Open Education Analytics?

We aim yo empower education systems around the world to use data, analytics and AI more effectively and ethically to improve learning outcomes

  • Develop shared insights and best practices on the use of advanced analytics in education
  • Open source sharing of education data and analytics tools 
  • Education and talent development for the education ecosystem 


How to get started!

Here’s how you can help your organization get started on OEA:


Education Technology Leaders 

OEA Partners 

See a list of Microsoft Technology Partners:

Connect with a partner (third-party Microsoft solution providers) who can setup the OEA architecture in your institution and bring your education use cases to life


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Find materials to get started on your own:

If your institution or system has in-house data engineers, reserachers, and data scientists, get them started using the OEA skills and training materials


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Sign up to become an OEA Partner to build data solutions for large education systems and OEA Community members from all over the world.


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We provide our OEA Partners with the necessary training, resources and customer connections to ensure continued partner success.


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