Mindsets is a CODIE Award winning inquiry and collaboration learning platform that teaches students the application of math through real-world challenges, which is the foundation for successful STEM/CS learning and future careers. All Mindsets challenges are aligned to state math standards and assessments. Mindsets goes beyond math by sparking students' entrepreneurial and creative spirit to build skills for future success in the classroom and in life.

Make Hour of Code last all year

At Microsoft, we’re committed to continuing to provide accessible, engaging, and equitable computer science education experiences that open opportunities for youth today and in the future. We’re so inspired by the global community of dedicated educators and volunteers who continue to lead coding tutorials in classrooms and communities around the world to support students on their first steps toward learning how to code. Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science.


Find a Microsoft Education partner today and access new Hour of Code lessons from Microsoft Education to make Hour of Code last all year long.